Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TRON Quickly Jumping The Neon Digital Shark


Every time a new piece of news about Tron Legacy is announced I start to get heartburn. Not Acid Reflux but an actual burning in my heart as yet another piece of childhood is slapped around for the good of the corporation. Don't et me wrong, I'm still excited to see Tron Legacy and even though I'm not a giant fan of the new look (kill me, I liked the old costumes and scenery better) I'm down with the whole premise. However now the fans have shown a tiny bit of excitement the living mutated demon abortions better known as the movie executives are going way way the fuck overboard with it. Before the movie has hit one fucking theater there's already been a TV show announced and persistent rumors of a giant theme park attraction.

Now comes the news that the studio has already hired Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz to pen a third movie. Apparently now they're trying to shoot and then edit the movie to "round it" into a trilogy. This is fancy movie people speak for "we're shuffling shit around like crazy to try and drain one more dollar out of this nostalgic trip". Can't these fuckers just let the movie come out, be what it is and then move on?

Apparently not.

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