Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I tripped over this trailer at /Filmand I have to say after watching it I may end up siding with those guys. I read the plot synopsis and the premise itself sounds pretty fucking cool. Dig it:

“Michael Chiklis plays a smarmy high school principal who suddenly institutes a zero-tolerance crusade, introducing mandatory drug tests for all students. Failure of which will result in immediate expulsion. Matt Bush plays a straight-arrow valedictorian named Henry Burke who normally would have nothing to worry about, except he just tried marijuana for the very first time. I’ll let the Sundance description take over: “With his college scholarship hanging in the balance, Burke begrudgingly teams up with charismatic pothead Travis Breaux to do the only thing they can think of to neutralize this threat—get the entire student body stoned"

Seems like it might be funny in that Superbad style of teen comedy and then I watched the trailer and suddenly it seemed like this might be one of those movies so dedicated to being clever and "quirky" (a genre of movies I'm starting to hate) that it fails to be a good film. Check it out:

High School trailer
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See what I mean? It looks like the director really wants to make a teenage Wes Anderson/Spike Jonze film but may have just out-clevered himself. I don't know, I guess I'll wait until the video release. What do you think?

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