Friday, April 2, 2010

BATMAN: THE ODYSSEY Is Finally Coming Out....Nerd Boner Rages

You know what you're looking at? Do you, do you have any fucking clue what exactly you're staring at and how goddamn sonofabitch awesome it is? No, well then let me enlighten you. From the late forties to the seventies Batman sucked. The amazing genius character Bob Kane and Bill Finger created was sodomized by the comic book world and turned into this antiseptic, kid friendly, super-dad and it was the worst thing ever. Then in the seventies a man named Neal Adams, an artist so good it makes me openly weep, took up the fight and gave Batman his balls back. Adams and writer Denny O'Neil reinvented the caped crusader into the Dark Knight, returning him to his former glory. Everything Batman related stems from this era and without it Batman would still be seen as the Adam West bullshit show.

Since 2007 Neal Adams has been talking about a tour de force Batman event called Batman: The Odyssey which finds Batman battling a series of seemingly unrelated challenges, villains and allies, old and new, that push him to his limits as never before. The battles get more intense and, in turn, more deadly, The Dark Knight discovers that there might be an over-arching force behind his troubles. Finally after years of talk the Neal Adams written & drawn series will hit stores in July. Adams had this to say about the series:

"I have been collecting bits and pieces of Batman's life and time over the years since I was doing Batman regularly," Adams said. "With even this massive series, I haven't been able to shove them all in. but the juiciest and richest morsels are there. Have comic books always been this much fun?"

One thing, of the many, that I'm amped about is this takes place outside the normal continuity of the Batman Universe so it'll remain classic Neal Adams not Adams trying to write Dick Grayson as Batman. There hasn't been any conformation of the rumor that Frank Miller will help Adams write the series and after the abortion that was All Star Batman & Robin I can only hope it never happens.

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