Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MONSTER SQUAD Remake To Get Facelift?

I fucking hate remakes, almost across the board. The basic reason for this is that I don't see the need and you'll never make it as good as the original. When I say that it's not like I think Friday The 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street were slices of cinematic genius even in their day but they resonated because they were made in and for that time. Today everything has to be a big budget, slick, sequel promising, shitfest or nobody cares about even trying. Those movies and most films gunned up for remakes don't hold well when brought into today's movie making world. Look at Clash Of The Titans, bringing that movie into the world of huge mega effects did nothing but piss people off.

One of the movies being considered for a remake that I dismissed since the mention was Monster Squad. First of all it was made during an era when movie kids were allowed to act like kids. They cursed and smoked but there was something innocent and charming about them. Movie kids these days are little grown ups who do more to annoy than endear. I also figured this was a bad idea because the Universal Monsters e.g. Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman just aren't scary anymore. Some kid raised on Freddy or Michael Myers and even Hostel could give two shits about Dracula. Any of those monsters would be laughed at.

Realizing this the producers of Monster Squad the remake have come up with an idea that might allow the film to be a reinvention as a opposed to a remake. The thought is to update the monsters to be a Michael Myers slasher, an alien type creature, a grudge type spirit, etc. If they did that and made the film actually scary that could be something very cool. Of course then it would be its own movie and not a remake of Monster Squad, which to me is a better idea anyway.

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