Friday, April 23, 2010

So JUGHEAD Isn't The Only Gay Character In Riverdale Now.

Oh come on, let's not mince words, we all thought at one point or another that Jughead was gay. Never had a chick, never wanted a chick, always was able to rock that cool "Crown" without looking stupid. Hey I was a big fan of Archie and I kept waiting for Jughead to come out of the closet. Apparently the folks at Archie got the message because as of Veronica issue #202 (coming September 1st) Riverdale has a fully out gay student named Kevin. Here's the first look of this stud in full color:

The story, titled "Isn't It Bromantic" shows Veronica trying to win the affections of Kevin without realizing he's gay, something Jughead finds hysterical. The folks at Archie claim they're introducing Kevin as a gay character that everybody is fine with except they're doing it in a story where Kevin's homosexuality almost seems like a weapon for Jughead. Here are some of the pages from the story, you tell me.

I'm curious if once Kevin's gayness comes out that the kids will think Jughead is gay to because he spent so much time with Kevin. I don't know, curious to see if Archie Comics handles this as well as they claim they want to.

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