Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Christian Bale Batman voice fucking blows ass.

Okay, I said it, I admit it and I am one of the biggest fans of Batman Begins & The Dark Knight out there. In fact I count them as two of the only three decent superhero movies made thus far. Bale totally kicks ass as Bruce Wayne and Batman but the voice, egads that voice, it sounds like a constipated Dirty Harry who also suffers from Emphysema. One man who knows how to do the Batman voice is Kevin Conroy, the man behind Bruce/Batman for the entire run of the Batman Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He is the only one who has ever nailed the Batman voice in my opinion.

Last week at the Chicago Qe2-007-part 3-45-6-99 or whatever the fuck you call it Kevin was there pumping the next DC thing he's a part of when a fan asked him about Christian Bale's Batman Voice. Kevin slapped it down but in the usually classy Kevin Conroy way. Dig it:

I wish Bale would take some cues from Kevin for the next Batman film.


  1. Ok, I have to say something that's been bugging the fuck out of me for the past two years.

    Mark Hammill should have been The Joker in Dark Knight.

    I'm not saying Heath Ledger did a bad job, he did a damn good one, and a much better one than Nicholson that's for sure. But dammit...why the fuck didn't they get Hammill? Why was this even a question? There shouldn't have even been a commmittee, a casting call, an advertisement in the newspaper, nothing. The second that movie was given the green light, it should have said "oh yea, by the way Hammill's the Joker."

    Now allow me to respond to the criticisms that people may have to this idea.

    1) Hammill is old as fuck: Yea, but the Joker didn't exactly do anything physically strenuous in that movie aside from fall out of a truck and get his head slammed against a table. Besides, Joker always appeared to be a guy in his 30's-40's to me. In Dark Knight Returns he had to be what...60?-70? I don't see age as a problem.

    2) Hammill's Joker was good for a cartoon show, but for a movie he'd have to be way more sinister: Hammill's Joker couldn't kill people because the fucking studios wouldn't let people die on a children's show! That's not his fault. Besides, you want sinister?


    Even after I saw the Dark Knight, this scene from Return of the Joker was still way more harrowing. Maybe...maybe the "My father was a drinker" monologue matches it, but nothing else comes close.

    3) Mark Hammill's kinda typecast over the years so the sight of him would take people out of the movie: Yes because the Joker in that movie didn't disguise his face in any sort of manner...oh wait.

    Like I said, not saying that Ledger sucked. He was awesome, but I couldn't help but wonder how much better it would have been with Mark.

  2. Kevin Conroy's voice as Batman does kick all ass! Nuff said.