Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Further Proof The South Needs To Be Destroyed

This perfectly lovely girl, with her sweet smile and cherub face became a victim of something so fucking heinous that if I had a license to kill I'd be in her corner of the world lighting up everybody that was a part of it. For those who don't remember this is Constance McMillen a teenager from the obvious shithole of Itawamba County, Mississippi. Young Constance made the unforgivable mistake of deciding that in this world where love is such a rare commodity her place was alongside other girls. That was who she was attracted to, this was where she wanted to find herself a love to call her own. She was a lesbian and not at all afraid to admit it to the world.

Naturally being ignorant redneck asshole cunts the local in-bred shitheels of Itawamba County lost what little mind they had and persecuted her at every turn. First they refused to allow her to go to her prom because she planned on bringing a female date. Then these mountain monkeys cancelled the entire thing as the ultimate screw you to Constance. However the news of that bastard move spread and lawyers from the ACLU sued these fuckers right out of their double-wide trailers and Klan Robes, thus enabling Constance to go to her prom.

Well these living advertisements for keeping abortion legal didn't stop there, they had themselves a plan..yeeHAW!! These people, these fucking ADULTS, got together and planned a secret prom for every other kid to attend and told Constance and her date that the prom was being held at another location. When they arrived there were only seven kids there and that was it, the entire thing was a fake out which broke a teenage girl's heart and allowed the rest of the student body to party elsewhere. It's a pity Carrie wasn't at that prom to cook some racist children and their folks.

There was nothing that could be done legally because the festering open sores called their prom a private event and not an actual "prom". Even though the intent was clear these redneck scum figured out a way around the law and more importantly managed to fuck up a special night for a teenager.

Goddamn I fucking hate humanity, I hate us down to the sewage core of our beings. With all that's going on, with all the pain and suffering around the world these assholes decided to make it their mission to hurt a teenage girl because she liked women? That's all we are, that's the best we can do? All I can say to Constance is that she'll grow up, leave that town and move on to a better life while the rest of them are left to wallow in their own pathetic lives.

i hate everything

Thanks to BOINGBOING for the story.

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