Friday, November 19, 2010


This should clear up the idea anybody had that this movie wouldn't suck huge, entire, stinking ass. This trailer pisses me the fuck off because ti effectively kills the idea that we'll ever have a decent Green Lantern movie.

I hate everything


Now I'm not saying this has me totally freaked out but it does force me to stop and pause my insane giggly excitement over the film. Check this out first.

TRON: Legacy Exclusive Clip - Sirens Dress Sam

I have a few issues with this clip. First of all, why would there be a place to dispose of clothing? Really, why would their be a place to dispose of anything? Computer programs don't eat, drink, shit or do anything else that requires disposal. Second, why do the girls have make up and hairstyle? Why make them sexy? They're programs? The original Tron made everybody look the same, even the woman, because they were programs, not people. The only reason they had any human characteristics was to give the idea that programs too the personality of those who designed them.

This clip makes me think that Tron Legacy might make the computer world too hip and sexy, too human. If the Hollywood idiots have decided to glamorize and sexualize what is supposed to be the inside world of computers, that might suck. The only way I could see to make it work is if Flynn being there has done something or if the information age has somehow enhanced a computer programs understanding of what humanity is.

Either way the four chicks walking backwards like that is stupid.