Thursday, April 8, 2010

CARL ERIK RINSCH'S "THE GIFT" Is Pretty frickin cool

I'm not gonna fake the funk here, I have no clue who Carl Erik Rinsch is other than he's part of Ridley Scott's RSA Team and that he's been working on commercials and shorts for a while. Currently Rinsch is being sought after to direct 47 Ronin as well as The Creature From The Black Lagoon remake. The Gift is one of five movies commissioned by Phillips electronics as part of their Parallel Lines Project in order to highlight their new super duper TVs and of course up and coming directors. Each of the five chosen directors had to use the one unifying line of dialog "It's A Unicorn" but outside of that could do whatever they wanted. The rest of the shorts will be unveiled tomorrow on the PHILLIPS WEBSITE. Here's Rinsch's The Gift:

Thanks to SLASHFILM for the update.

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