Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If An X-Men Dies And Nobody Cares Does It Make A Sound?

According to the above advertisement one of the ghostly looking X-Men will die in order to save the world. Seriously? Really? Does anybody give two shits if an X-Men dies? Christ the constant death and resurrection of these chumps is part of what has made it okay to kill characters off to sell comics and then bring them back to sell more comics. The last time I gave a shit if an X-Men kicked the bucket was Jean Grey in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Since then all of these fuckers have had a turn spitting on the gates of Valhalla. Cyclops was thought to have died years ago but it just lead to a long winded series called "The Search For Cyclops", Colossus died wasn't really him, is Cable even really alive anymore...the list goes on and on. X-Men have gotten so ridiculous with it that even though we knew Batman and Captain America would return their deaths still had some kind of impact.

If you're an X-Men fan I guess this is a big deal so enjoy the poster.

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