Friday, April 23, 2010


Let's all be quite honest about it, Wanted sucked. The movie, which granted was based on Mark Millar's less than stellar comic, was a total and complete mess. The worthless Whore Sores in Hollywood removed most of what did make the comic book interesting and left us with an action film that had supernatural elements but without the story to back it up. It was mostly a film to let us remember that Angelina Jolie is hot and let Morgan Freeman play against type as a bad guy. While the stuns were kind of cool the basic film just sucked and audiences agreed. The film did okay but not the gangbusters everybody else was expecting and once Jolie decided to make her new action film Salt or Sugar or Creamer or whatever it is she backed out of the Wanted sequel.

But the one thing worth watching in the movie gone does not stop the Whore Sores in LA LA Land from trying to get the DOA second installment off the ground. In what has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard the plan is now to get Kristin Stewart to fill in for Angelina Jolie as the new super powered assassin. I don't understand the logic behind this on any fucking level at all. Sticking Stewart in for Jolie is essentially putting a child in a role meant for a woman. Jolie is bad ass, destructively hot and yet just fucked up enough to be an actual threat. Stewart is whiney brat child who brings wooden acting to such a level I bet George Lucas wishes she could have played Padme.

Millar and the studio cunts need to just let this die, it's a tremendous waste of time and money. Watching Kristen Stewart run around trying to be tough with a gun will be more on a level of a SNL Skit than a real movie.

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