Tuesday, April 13, 2010


With issue #4 of B.P.R.D.: King of Fear hitting stands in a few short days, details have been released saying that Liz Sherman will be given a most fucked up vision about the end of the world while Abe Sapien discovers his role in it by finding the link between himself and the frog monsters.

As King of Fear nears its end, more fucked up shit will happen to the heroes in the B.P.R.D. with the final two issues of the series acting as the final chapter of the Scorched Earth trilogy that began in 2008 with B.P.R.D.: The Warning and the end of the Plague of Frogs, which began clear back in 1994 with Hellboy: Seed of Destruction! Check out the two ill images.

It's funny, as time goes on I've become a much bigger fan of BPRD than Hellboy alone.

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