Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Second Who Gives A Shit Moment Of 2010: SCREAM 4


So here's the teaser poster an plot for Scream 4:

PLOT: Sid goes through these three horrendous things, and Stab [the film within the film] was based on those horrible things. And then they've been taken by a studio and run into the ground in a series of sequels. She has been off by herself and living her own life, and she's even written a book that has gotten a lot of critical acclaim. She's kind of put her life back together in the course of these 10 years. But, certainly, there would be no Scream without Ghostface, so she has to confront him again, but now as a woman who has really come out the darkness of her past.

The only thing the Scream movies ever did for me was allow me to live out the fantasy of Drew Barrymoore being violently murdered. Outside of that these movies sucked and are so dated in the 90s it's hard to watch them now. The very idea that somebody has called for another sequel is such a Who Gives A Shit moment I had to talk about it.

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