Friday, April 23, 2010


Man sometimes people should just let something die. A few years back there was awful, awful rumors swirling about that a remake of Escape From New York was being planned. First the guy that slapped together Die Hard 4 was in charge and the always mediocre Brett Ratner was given the job.

I guess Brett was too busy snorting coke of a strippers ass or begging for his next crap film to be made because he lost interest in Escape and the film thankfully vanished. Then came reports it was back on again with Gerard Butler as the main character Snake Plissken but since that guy can' t open a movie to save his life, that idea went away and it seemed like the project was dead for good.

Nope, not at all. Now Breck Eisner, the guy behind The Crazies, is on tap to direct the remake. I have no problem with the guy, I dug The Crazies but does he have the moxie to remake a classic sci-fi movie. I'm also not amped because, well first off it doesn't need a remake, but secondly the whole thing about it was how raw Escape was, how low budget and creepy. I know this version will be a super hi-tech, video game effects orgasm and that just kills what made the original so awesome.

I also heard the script has a back story for Plissken, which effectively kills 90% of his enigma appeal, and that Manhattan is still standing though just "Geographically Undesirable". Um, the whole point was that Manhattan was burned out and fucked up. So let me get this straight all the worst criminals are put into the Manhattan prison but they work together to keep it clean?


The other giant factor here is that nobody and I mean NOBODY will make the character of Snake Plissken their own the way Kurt Russell has. This is all in all a bad idea that I hope dies away.

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