Monday, April 19, 2010

THIS, THIS..THIS Right Here Is Why I Go To Movies

Want to know why Bill Murray doesn't have any interest in doing the abortion known as Ghostbusters 3? Because he's still a real goddamn actor and can be in movies that are bound to be fucking awesome. Take Get Low for instance, a new film about a hermit (Robert Duvall) in the 30s who hosts his own funeral party before he dies.

The film not only killed at Sundance (which doesn't really matter because Sundance is the diseased whore of the film festival circuit) but it has a cast that can't help but blow it out of the park. Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray are just two of the titans who make this movie seem like a sure thing. Directed by newcomer Aaron Schneider with a script from Chris Provenzano ("Mad Men") and C. Gaby Mitchell (Blood Diamond) Get Low seems like a movie that remembers why we see films and what the film medium can be about when it tells real stories and not 3D eye candy horseshit. Check out the trailer.

GET LOW Hits theaters July 30th

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