Thursday, April 8, 2010

The CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Will Suck Trifecta

Here was a quick turd to fish out my email this morning and since I seem to be the only one smart enough to see the signs of how bad the Captain America movie is going to suck I figure why not keep pressing on. Now that Chris Evans has been miscast as Captain America and Sebastian Stan is horribly miscast as Bucky, why not end the shit storm with a bad choice for Peggy Carter. Currently two actresses are up for the part but the one more in the lead is Alice Eve, the chick from She's Out Of My League. Apparently Kiera Knightly wised up and took her name off the list for this giant shitbomb of a movie.

Alice Eve is very pretty but can she act? Not so I've seen. Sure she can look sexy and pout and do "come hither" but that's about it. She's more like the hot cheerleader trying to get guys to do her homework by pretending she might fuck them one day. So basically now Captain America stars three beautiful girls.

I hate everything

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