Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Spin Me Roun SUPERMAN Round Round.....

Okay so let's see what we do have that's true. After several failed attempts put Richard Donner's brilliant original Superman the Hollywood folks are gearing up to try and re-launch what could be tentpole franchise if they don't fuck it up. David Goyer, who for my money can't write shit (he only assisted the two Batman movies) is penning the script based on the John Byrne era of Superman. Christopher Nolan has been hired to oversee/produce the whole thing.

Okay, that's what is true

From there the whole fucking thing becomes a spinning crap shoot that makes me nauseous. First Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah (who co-wrote the Batman scripts) was going to direct but that got pish poshed away. This week it was told that Chris Colombus was going to bring his Home Aloneness to Superman and he would be directing.


Now it seems that Jonah Nolan will direct, he always was going to direct and that's why Christopher Nolan got involved. Its also been said that a few TV folks have been looked at to play Superman. True Blood star Ryan Kwanten and Friday Night Lights pretty boy Scott Porter have been mentioned as well as Chuck star Zachary Levi.

Clearly none of these guys are right for the role and the idea of casting an unknown is still the way to go. See I think Brandon Routh was a great choice and would have been awesome if Brian Singer hadn't made him play the comic legend as the blueprint for Singer's dream man instead of how the hero really was. They won't bring Routh back but these TV guys ain't the move either.

You got one last try folks, if this Superman sucks people will be done for a very long time.

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