Thursday, July 29, 2010

SMALLVILLE Season 10 Trailer. It Ain't The Thor Footage.....

Oh what you wanted TOM WELLING with his shirt open?

I didn't get to go to San Diego Comic Con which is totally FUCKING BULLSHIT fine with me because to be honest I can't afford to go I'm too much of a comic purist to want to be part of something so obviously tainted by Hollywood unless somebody pays for me to go and all of its money hungry bullshit.

That understood I did a wrap up of what I thought was important and one of those things was Smallville. Well, here's the trailer for season 10 and it has some cool surprises. It's hard to get a wicked hard on for Smallville no matter what since it's sucked to bad for two years but hey I might watch it now, especially if they do get Lex Luthor to return.

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