Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So every year the most untalented shmucks in music The Insane Clown Posse have some big blow out show called The Gathering where all their fans, called Juggalos, hang out and get high and praise not just ICP but all the shit acts within their family. This year is the 11th Annual Gathering and the worst part of it is that Redman and Method Man have somehow been tricked into performing. To celebrate and promote the Gathering a seventeen minute infomercial has been put together and it inspired me to do a little truth vs fiction concept.

In their fictional world the Gathering is some mecca for underground music, where the best go to perform to kids who are there to absorb all kinds of experiences. That simply isn't the case, not at all. The only real reason to go is to maybe talk some decent girl with low self esteem into fucking you in clown paint or at least she'll stay awake long enough to blow you before passing out crying about how her dad hits her.

Think I'm wrong, watch the infomercial and then watch this video put together of actual Juggalos at an actual Gathering. The infomercial is long so once you have the point skip to the next video.



See the longer I examine the Juggalos and the Gathering the less I hate it and the more I see it as some kind of bizarre study. If this was performance art it would be brilliant, the fact that it's serious is sad. Don't forget the ICP preform this song with NO SENSE OF IRONY.

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  1. I don't think I'd ever let a chick at this festival touch my jimmy. For instance, that chick in the informercial. As hot as she is, if she's really a juggalo & not an actress, the most she could do is let me jerk off in front of her & then cum in her mouth. (is that TMI?) I just don't who those chicks have been with. By looking at most juggalos, I don't want to know.

    The sad part is there some groups/artist on here that I use to respect when I listened to hip-hop like the Dayton family, Red & Meth & Warren G. It shows how pathetic their careers are now & the level they've stooped down to.

    Considering how many people go out to these shows is something "that'll shock your eyelids." LOL!