Thursday, July 15, 2010

SIGH....I Guess I Will Have To Buy A Bluray Player

My current DVD player is a small $30 job I bought at Target about four years ago. It works perfectly and it has given me no reason to go and buy a Bluray player. See most of the things I like, old serials, live bootlegs, documentaries won't be coming out on Bluray anytime soon. I figured why waste the money when most of the shit coming out I don't care about. My promise to myself was when Steven Spielberg got off his ass and released the Bluray JAWS I would break down and buy one.

Now the fuckers over at 20th Century Fox have unleashed this godlike Alien Bluray Anthology and now I have to rethink everything. There's too much shit to list what's on it but head over to AMAZON and you can get a full run down of what's involved plus pre-order it for 98 bucks instead of the 140 it'll cost when it's released on October 26th. Here's a close up of the normal and special edition packaging.



See ya, I gotta go steal some money outta my fiancee's purse.

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