Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well the Lindsey Lohan thing stinks of AWESOME!! After 347 chances to stop acting like the cheap whore even the Crystal Meth addicts won't fuck, as well as chances to stop thumbing her nose at the court system, little miss AA was given 90 Days in a county jail for basically being a spoiled, rich, bratty, shitty little bitch who went from pretty to looking like a used leather bag left out in the rain. If she's smart she'll bring in some cameras, drink more and make a lesbian hardcore prison film which might get he career started again.

Of course you'd have to want to see her naked which nobody does. Ah well, I'd still pay to watch her have the shit slapped out of her daily.

The second thing that stinks is this Bruce Willis cologne. So, um, what exactly does this shit smell like? Bald men? V-Neck Sweaters? Bad Blues Bands? Perhaps it's made up of the wafting smells of Demi Moore's vagina. Regardless the very idea of wanting to smell like Bruce Willis is creepy.

If they don't have a commercial where a guy is trapped in a building with terrorists and Bruce Willis appears, gives him the cologne and that allows the guy to defeat the bad guys then nothing in this world is right.

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