Monday, July 26, 2010


For both of you who read my blog you'll know that nothing gets my nerd boner raging like the fantasy of being molested heavily by a girl dressed in the Slave Leia costume. Now to me that seems perfectly normal, a healthy fantasy based off of a young boy's dream. The problem really starts when I try to get actual girls involved in it at all. If you're at a bar picking up a chick and you mention, drinks in the face instantly. A one night stand will turn into couch time with porn and lotion if you bring it up and even a sweet and nerdy girlfriend (like I have) will tell you to fuck off if you suggest it.

Then it dawned on me San Diego Comic Con, a place that seems to be teaming with nerdy chicks dressed like Princess Leia. This could be the place I finally get to introduce some girl in that costume to my very own Bo Shudda!! First up nerdy girls usually don't know they're hot and feel uncomfortable showing that much skin. If I show any interest I'm gonna get blown just to keep the compliments flowing!!

Let's also not forget that no girl will find it weird that you're taking about her in the Slave Leia costume at San Diego Comic Con. I mean shit it doesn't have anything to do with comics so why not let it be an ass harvest for me alone!! Not to mention if I don't get laid by a Slave Leia I can always find a recently dumped Wonder Woman, Cat Woman or (god please let her fill the costume out) Power Girl!!

WOO HOO to being a dirty old man.

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