Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Okay let me not front, I took this whole thing from TOPLESS ROBOT but I did it because the guy who writes the site Rob Bricken said nobody would care and I wanted to show him that at least one other person cares!! It turns out that actor Eric Allen Kramer, who played Thor in the Hulk Vs Thor TV movie is going to be in the new Thor film. Just like Mr. Bricken I to think that kicks a whole lot of ass.

For those who don't know after the end of The Incredible Hulk series Bill Bixby and the gang rounded up and did some movies to further the adventures of the green skinned hero. The Hulk met Thor and Daredevil, went on trial and finally died (that one pissed me the FUCK off because the Hulk dying from a helicopter fall is bullshit). No, they probably weren't very good by today's standards but I loved them and they still hold a place in my heart.

I'm not sure what Eric Allen Kramer is playing in Thor but it's one reason that I might go see it. There's little chance of this being a coincidence so whoever decided to bring him into the film deserves a big hug from every dork in the world. Oh and also Mr. Bricken good call on the Vincent D'nofrio idea as well.

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