Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So now things have gotten worse for the ill-advised Road Warrior continuations or remakes or whatever the fuck they are. First of all nobody will ever make a movie as tremendous as Mad Max and Road Warrior, it just won't happen. Wish for it all you want, pray, sacrifice virgins, it just won't happen. While this next movie might be easier to swallow than the shards-of-glass-dipped-in-shit that was Thunderdome, it still ain't gonna be what you want it to be.

That being said now director George Miller has shit the bed even worse by deciding that these Mad Max movies will be two actual films "Fury Road" and the hysterically titled "Furiosa". I guess in the second one Max becomes the toughest Flamenco Dancer in the world and uses his moves to defeat Humongous at the big Gas-For-Moves dance competition.

With this new two-movie idea the start date has been moved to February 2011 basically fucking out of work all the folks in front and behind the cameras that were scheduled to begin working this September. Miller also claims that he's shooting this in 3D because he "always wanted to" which anybody with a brain knows is a bunch of horseshit.

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