Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IBRAHEEM YOUSSEF Makes Movie Posters I Want

Ibraheem Youssef is an artist who has made a name for himself doing minimalistic movie posters for various films. These aren't actually used by the movie studio because those folks would burst blood from their nipples if the movie poster didn't plaster a star's face all over it. Perhaps they should though because the posters cut down to the very essence of the movie as well as leave plenty to the imagination. Better yet lets let this guy write scripts and maybe all the falderall trying to hide that Hollywood is a artistically bankrupt cesspool teaming with soul sucking monsters will ebb away. Anyhoo, here are three of his posters for Scarface, The Big Lebowski and Inception. If you want more check out his amazing site WELCOME TO THE OBSESSION


  1. I could actually see the Inception one working very well if it were a low budget indie film. All the posters are amazing & beautiful in style. The Scarface one is witty & can work on so many levels. The Big Lebowski...it works but it doesn't....Ah, I don't know.