Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't Make Me RUFFALO, You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm RUFFALO

So with Ed Norton now out of the way the next guy rumored to be Hulking out is Mark Ruffalo and I have to say while I have reservations it is, as my my buddy Chris Speidel says....inspired casting. Granted this is a rumor and the last one we heard was of Joaquin Phoenix playing the Hulk. Man, I still think Rapping Hulk woulda been BOSS!!

Anyhoo Ruffalo is a great actor my only worry is that they don't reign in the "quirky" vibe he gives a lot of his characters. If Ruffalo can keep the intensity he has and lose the quirkiness then this could be a kick ass bit of casting news. However don't piss and moan if they decide to make Taylor Lautner the Hulk to get butts in seats.

We'll see how it goes

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