Saturday, July 10, 2010


I don't know what it is about comic book movie people but they are fundamentally stupid, or at least they seem that way. While heaping tons of praise on the abysmally boring Iron Man (Yep Iron Man 2 is better so SUCK IT) they keep trying to find all these flaws with Edward Norton's The Hulk. I thought the movie was wonderful and better than any of the Spider-Man movies and way better than the first or last X-Men movie.

Perhaps it's all that braying and bucking that has led the idiot swine in Hollywood to elect not to have Norton reprise his role as Bruce Banner for The Avengers movie. Instead these idiots are going to send an unknown into a film filled with big stars. It couldn't possibly be a cost cutting thing, that's like buying the most expensive car in the world and then balking at the price of the registration.

So now The Avengers has one less star powered actor to keep Robert Downey JR and Samuel Jackson's egos in check, remember now Jackson said The Avengers was pretty much his movie. We also lose an actor watch instead of focusing on how badly cast Captain America was and from what I've seen Thor doesn't look like too great a casting choice either.

Not to mention the film is being helmed by Joss Whedon, who I love, but has no chops to direct something like this. Yep, The Avengers is gonna suck.

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