Monday, July 26, 2010


For the longest time Smallville has sucked a thousand cocks laced with cyanide. Ever since the big "Doomsday" is coming let down where the creature that killed Superman turned out to be a hot, troubled ambulance driver that turned into a the Toxic Avenger mixed with a porcupine it's been downhill. The only thing worth a damn on that show was the character of Chloe Sullivan played by the nerd-boy-perfect-girlfriend Allison Mack. Then it was announced Allison would be jumping from the Smallville ship because, well probably because she knew the show sucked donkey nuts at this point. When that came out all of us who loved Alison and Chloe were super bummed.

Fear not!! As it turns out Chloe will be making her comic book appearance in Action Comics #838 and that kicks ass. Hopefully she'll be a permanent part of the DC Universe but even a brief encounter with the character is better than nothing. Here's the cover of Action Comics #893.

With Chloe gone and Smallville circling the drain the producers have pulled out all the stops for the tenth and final season by actually putting Superman in the show about Superman. Apparently a trailer for season ten showed not just the costume but also Clark finally being referred to as Superman. This definitely probably won't save the show but it will drag my stupid ass back for season 10.

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