Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Call me an asshole, send me to hell I just don't give a shit about Steinbrenner dying. I feel bad for his family but that guy made life awful for so many people I have a hard time getting weepy eyed over it. It also shits me raw that a genius like Harvey Pekar will have his death overshadowed by the fact that some loud, blustering, bully who owned a sports team passed away.


Now I'm the first to say that Mel Gibson is being a cunt and that he deserves to have his career fucked a bit for all the shit he's saying but now I think Raderonline is now just serving up shit to serve it up. Their latest "exclusive" Mel Gibson rant is another shitty one but if this turn into one a day then Raderonline are just as bad for exploiting it. That said today on The View, that show that my hate being for this country, did something that didn't suck. Most of the woman on the show are stereotypical "real women" for varied walks of life which is to say they mold into a focus group "type"

Whoopi Goldberg, who I'm not a fan of, doesn't really and she's always kind of let her brain rule her emotions. Back when her then fuck-buddy Ted Danson came out at her Roast in Black Face every single person who even hinted of being ethnic used it as a way to grab headlines by saying how insulted they were. Whoopi basically told everybody to fuck themselves. Well on The View she defended Mel Gibson......kind of.

I don't know Mel Gibson nor do I care about him. I thought what he did was hysterically stupid and it's clear he needs mass amounts of medication. That being said I've also been drunk calling an ex-girlfriend and ohhh boooy have I said some dumb shit. What I liked about this was that Whoopi didn't say he was a victim, in fact she called him an asshole and said "this time he wasn't drunk". She just let her feelings be known on the racist thing instead of joining the pecking order.

Yeesh I put The View on my blog, maybe I should call it a day.

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