Thursday, July 29, 2010


Remember way back when Guiellmero Del Toro was going to do an At The Mountains Of Madness film but he didn't because he was brought onto the ill fated Hobbit movie? If not don't worry it doesn't matter, MGM is so fucking bankrupt they couldn't make car commercials much less The Hobbit. With The Hobbit stuck in turnaround Hell Del Toro was free to make a good movie and has decided to return to the HP Lovecraft classic tale.

I know those who remember will be a little unnerved remembering all the reports of changes the studio wanted made. It was to be set in modern times, not the thirties, it was to have a love interest, etc. Well worry no more because James Cameron has stepped in to produce the movie and he is one of the few that can a studio so fuck off and they will. Cameron wants Del Toro to stay 100% on point with the original text and that is awesome. Granted with Cameron on the film it'll be in 3-D but at least it'll be the really good 3-D.

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