Friday, July 9, 2010


Obviously the main reason I hate San Diego Comic Con is because I've never fucking been and I always wanted to go. MTV was gonna send me but they dicked out, then I didn't have any money and...well...that continues to be the reason. One day I'll go, I'll show all those fuckers.

Anyhoo, the two other reasons to hate Comic Con this year are these two kick ass exclusives.

This is your standard 16 inch Galactus which will talk and comes with a Silver Surfer figure. You can get it retail in October or November or you can get it NOW at the Con. It's $60 bucks and worth every goddamn penny.

The second reason is this kick ass Tron Kubrick Bear. This one sucks especially because only 1500 were made and they won't be coming out retail. THE FUCKERS

I hate everything

and i'm sad now to

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