Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SCOTT PILGRIM Still Sucks Buuuuut The Chick Is Hot

For all you kooky jacks out there, all you hep cats with an ear for the action, check out this little mini-behind the scenes thing on your Holy Grail, Scott Pilgrim And The Big Battle For His Bitch (or whatever it's called). For me Scott Pilgrim sucks and I have always said that. Even when somebody I thought was a dear friend showed her ASS and started hating me because I didn't like Scott and his adventures through pop culture overload I stuck to me guns.

That being said I show this video not only because I like Edgar Wright (who does some talking) but also because it has multiple shots of Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is really hot in that use-and-then-not-talk-to-again sort alterna porn star way. I could see her blowing me for carrying her groceries but when she came back out from gargling with scope so we could talk about music I'd be on the bus uploading the pictures she didn't know I took to my Facebook page.

Alas I digress, here's the video

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