Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Call me Nutty Pants McGee but this picture of Thor, Loki and papa Odin has a really big Ming The Merciless goon squad from the 80s Flash Gordon movie ring to it. Either that or some kind of S&M fetish armor aliens swooped down on Valhalla. Regardless it doesn't look right. Mjolnir (that's the name of Thor's hammer for those of you with a life) looks cool but Loki looks like an Asgardian used car salesmen and that foil eye patch over Odin's eye looks more like he got a chewing gum wrapper lodged in his socket.

The best part is that Thor AND Captain America are now both going to be in 3D. Not shot in 3D but post-production add on 3D which sucks giant anus. I'm so excited for Marvel to shit the bed with these movie that it's almost okay how badly they're fucking up the characters.

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