Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trailer For New SOFIA COPPOLA Movie. The One Trick Pony Strikes Again

I know this is going to anger the indie hipster crowd but Sofia Coppola is really starting to annoy me. This is the new trailer for her movie Somewhere and it's the exact same feel, look and even story as Lost In Translation. This time the suffering movie star isn't old and fading like Bill Murray but young and bad-boy Stephen Dourff.

The innocent and sweet girl isn't forgotten wife Scarlett Johanson but forgotton daughter Elle Fanning. Instead of a quiet "lo-fi" story of two people who can't figure each other out in a girl/boy way it's two people who can't figure each other out in a father/daughter way. Seriously what is her fascination with celebrity and trying desperately to humanize them or make us feel bad because they have shitty lives along with lots of money and fame?

Coppola did some interesting things with The Virgin Suicides but that movie was panned so she just stole a bunch of tricks from ex-husband Spike Jonze and mixed them with the "indie" vibe of overly kooky and incredibly pretentious filmmaking. This movie plays like a handbook for indie movies.

Step 1: Find an actor who needs a comeback and put him in film

Step 2: Write an incredibly average story but fill it with lots of angsty shots and people making cool statements at each other but not really talking

Step 3: Make the title ambiguous enough that somehow it seems deep when placed over the movie

Step 4: Edit and market it to feel like a movie you need to be initiated into enjoying so that even though it's not anything new you feel the need to defend it at the bar with your other black framed glasses buddies with New Kids On The Block retro shirts between sips of dollar PBR

Here watch this thing and tell me I'm wrong (wait until after the commercial for Predators)

This entire movie is them going someplace, looking forlorn, traveling someplace, looking forlorn, traveling someplace, looking forlorn. You can almost feel the "God gimmie an oscar" false earnestness dripping off of Dorff. The two stop traveling long enough to have a forced kooky good natured scene like the vomitous underwater tea party.

This is her first film in four years and all it is is a re-tread of Lost In Translation. The worst of all of it will be the hipster dribble about how brilliant it is.

I hate everything

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