Thursday, June 10, 2010

THOR Footage Is Cool, Interviewer Is CUNT

Seriously? I mean really fucking seriously? Everybody and their brother has been waiting to see some kind of footage of Thor and this is what we get? Entertainment Tonight sent this douche bag to the set with the interviewing skills of an aborted fetus with a hollowed out skull. This scum sucking shit cunt actually asked if Chris Hemmsworth had ever seen Natalie Portman rap? Right then and there Hemmsworth shoulda buried the Thor hammer in this fuckers skull.

I was also weirded out that Odin has an eye patch. I'm one of the few nerds on gods earth that finds eye patches to be stupid. Exactly how can the Father Of All Gods not fix his eye booboo? The fact that it sticks on without a strap reminds me more of a cheap Battlestar Galatica prop than some cool part of Norse mythology. Anyway, here's the footage:

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