Thursday, June 10, 2010

SYFY'S PHANTOM Can Go Fuck Itself

I'd love to sit down with the think tank behind this shitty relaunch of The Phantom and between bouts of smashing their testicles with a hammer ask them what the hell fuck they were thinking when coming up with this awful idea. Did one guy stand up and say "I have an idea that totally SUCKS" and then somebody else said "And I can FUCK it up even worse!!" Why does The Phantom look like one of the cops from the new Star Trek movie or a member of Daft Punk? Plus his arch nemesis is a wacko, brilliant, nutty, deadly head of a global corporation? How fucking original!!

I thought nothing could out-gay the Michal Chiklis debacle No Ordinary Family but I was WRONG!! Think I'm overreacting? Watch this trailer.

See, it's shockingly bad even for SYFY. Let's hope this goes the way of Birds Of Prey and other awful superhero shows.

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