Friday, June 11, 2010

DC'S Desperation Is Showing

Okay before you all get hard ons this isn't a real picture of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern but some fan mock up, thus far the only photo was that weird one of Reynolds walking around in a Grey CGI suit. Anyway this little diatribe is mainly about how fast DC is rushing into production for their heroes. The whole thing is stinking of desperation on DC's part to try and go toe to toe with the Marvel franchises. The problem is DC is putting the horse way before the cart.

Green Lantern hasn't even finished principal photography and already writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim have been ass tapped to write the sequel. Not to mention they're already hard at work trying to crank out a Flash idea. First of all why plan a sequel to a movie that hasn't come out yet unless you're trying to crank them out as fast as you can. I'm also curious why the same writers are in charge of slapping together Flash. This comes across less like a think tank and more like a gaggle of writers the studios can control.

First off Marvel is enjoying a lot of this success because they are building on forward momentum provided by the fact that Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk all intertwine and will ultimately come to fruition in the Avengers movie. Marvel is also trying to coordinate with the movie companies that own Spider-Man, Daredevil and The Fantastic Four so when those movies are rebooted they will fall into the fold allowing for an entire universe of movies.

DC doesn't have that luxury and they seem to be wasting their time worrying about getting anything off the ground. Say they have Flash and Green Lantern appear in each others movie...then what? There's no way Christopher Nolan will have his Batman involved in that so at best it'll be Batman 4 (Nolan is leaving after 3) before the Dark Knight is involved and that'll be 2015 or later. The other problem is that Nolan's Batman movies are so good they've polarized the franchise. Who the hell is going to step to Batman now? Who would dare to dumb it down to a standard superhero movie and who would dare try to continue from what's been done?

Then there's Superman, nobody has any idea when the next Superman reboot will hit theaters or even if anybody will care. Add all that to no Wonder Woman movie even on the drawing board yet and suddenly the intertwining of DC movies seems silly. They won't have a JLA movie for a long time and by then won't Ryan Reynolds be a little long in the tooth to play Green Lantern so it'll be reboot time.

What DC needs to do is forget going toe to toe with Marvel and just create their own little film franchises. The first thing up is to reestablish Superman as a money making franchise by striking a confluence between serious and fun much like the Richard Donner original. Make Superman a good time again and let people rediscover him as a movie character. Then move on to Wonder Woman, bring her to life so that DC's big three all have movies out.

Where as Marvel is churning movies out like fast food DC should focus on being fine dining. Don't cross pollinate their films, don't focus on a JLA movie, instead make films for their heroes individually and make them amazing ala The Dark Knight. If not then most of the new DC films will end up on the same junk pile as Steel, Superman Returns and so on.

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