Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HUGH JACKMAN To Make A...bbbppt....A...A.....thhbbbttt.....movie....HAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm sorry, no really, just a second...let me catch my breath...hoooo yaaah!! Look I know even gay Hugh Jackman could get more ass than me on my best day and I'm sure at one point he could've walked down a road where he became a great actor but man are those days gone. As you can see from the above photo our buddy Hugh is now in a robot boxing movie, I shit you not. Apparently in the movie Jackson is a former boxer who gets "one last shot" (GROAN) by teaming with his estranged son to build a super fighting robot action machine.

Seriously? I mean holy fuck really? Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots now as serious cinema? If you're going to have a fighting robot movie then just have a fighting robot movie, don't try to humanize because I promise you anybody going to see a fighting robot movie isn't interested in the human drama. I would love to be in on the meetings where this shit gets decided on. All I can guess is the filmmakers hire a hot as balls hooker who gives the kind of head where sunshine streams out of her mouth. Then right as the executive is about to bust a nut in her face she stops and puts the contract in front of him and says sign.

Whatever, I'm going to go back to laughing.

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