Tuesday, June 15, 2010


For all ten of you who read my blog some of you might know that on June 26th I'm moving to Cincinnati Ohio with my fiancee in order to get the fuck out of the hell hole that is Boston. There's lots to do out there, a cool music scene plus you can actually live nicely without making a bazillion dollars a month. One of the coolest thing out there was Touchdown Jesus a 50 foot statue of Jesus that started out of the ground at his waist and showed the savior raising his hands up to God.

Most of what made this cool was how it was only half of Jesus and he looked like he was either sinking in quicksand or raising his arms to say TOUCHDOWN. Yesterday lightening struck the statue and it burned down completely. I realize the Biblical ironies are many but it was still kind of sad. Happily they say they'll rebuild Touchdown Jesus soon. Here's footage of it burning.


  1. They should build a "Buddy Jesus" statue this time around.

    Hey man, that's cool that you're moving. Best of luck, I hope you continue with the blog. I'm one of the "ten" who still reads it.

  2. Thanks man, I appreciate all your comments here and yep I'll still be blogging