Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm a recent fan of the new Doctor Who so I won't try and fake the funk. When I watched the good Doctor it was Tom Baker all the way and then Peter Davison and a bit of Colin Baker. I didn't rush into the new series because I thought it looked too good, Doctor Who was supposed to be cheap looking ala the first Star Trek series. Dalek's looked like garbage cans, so forth and so on. However when I did relent I found myself madly in love with the new series.

Now comes news that Doctor Who is going to step off the screen and hit the stage as a musical and I pretty much think that sucks ass. Granted the show is being helmed by Steven Moffat the head writer for the show but still, a singing dancing Doctor battling Daleks just seems wrong to me. The only thing that could work would be to see how long the audience could stand a duet between two Daleks in love. The show is only touring through Europe and I doubt it will see much in the way of an American pass through. The new Doctor on the show Matt Smith and his assistant Karen Gillian won't be having anything to do with the show, which is probably for the best.

The music will be helmed by Murray Gold, a guy who has come under a severe amount of fire due to his fucking with the Doctor Who theme, a theme that's remained the same since 1963. To me changing a theme, unless you totally fuck it up, is no big deal but the folks across the pond have been hitting the roof for a while about it. Here's a side by side comparison, you tell me if it's a big deal.

Wow, listening to them side by side I'm starting to understand the hatred, the new one sounds like a DJ Tricky remix. Doctor Who isn't supposed to be danceable, that sucks. Anyway, the show kicks off at London's Wembley Stadium on October 8th.

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