Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And Now For No Reason: KATY PERRY

I'm starting a new section here titled And Now For No Reason mainly because there's always random shit that hits me or I get that doesn't fit in anywhere else. Like this recent discovery of Katy Perry and how outside of her luscious titties and hot body she's kind of ugly. Want proof, here she is looking down:

Seeing this and you think goddess, totally unapproachable goddess who you'd fight armies for. The kind of girl you wish would notice you and fall in love with you even though you're a dork with a belly who loves comics and sci-fi. You have repeated daydreams about how you two fall in love, the hot sex and how she'd never leave you. All in all dream girl.

Then look at this photo

Suddenly now she looks like a common whore with too much makeup. The kind of girl who'd do the same thing for dinner and a movie as she would for a house in the Hamptons. You'd spend the 10.50 to take her to pizza hut because it'll lead to fucking in your car but tonight you have other plans. You're not worried though, she'll still be outside the bar tomorrow with smeared make up crying that he promised he would call and she's not a slut, she's just not.

I think it's her face. Looking down she looks sexy, looking straight ahead she looks common...hot...but common.


  1. Watch more of the remix video of Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg "California Girls" on My Celebrity Cafe.

  2. I'd still hit that. The only problem with the photo of her looking straight ahead is that her neck looks too damn long. She resembles an ostrich. Overall, I think she's pretty & has a nice ass body. She just needs to let up on the rouge & make-up.