Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'll be the first to admit it, I thought Patrick Swayze was cheesy. I never considered him a great actor nor did I love that many of his films. What I did like about Swayze was that he always seemed like a good guy, like a guy who could laugh at himself and never got a shitty Hollywood attitude. He remained with the same woman for 35 years, he was always respectful and seemed truly thankful to be able to make a living as an actor. I watch these "Young Hollywood" shitheels and think it's sad that there aren't more Patrick Swayze's in the Hollywood.

There were some Swayze films I liked a lot. Roadhouse was awesome, Point Break was great, I even dug Ghost except I hated Demi Moore in it. Then of course there was Outsiders and Red Dawn, which kicked major ass. Whatever his acting "skill" was Swayze just seemed like the kind of guy you wanted to hang out with. He had no problem making fun of his sex symbol stuff or even making fun of some of his early films roles (Pigs Vs Freaks anybody?).

When Swayze got cancer he was very open and honest and put on not a fake brave front but one that was totally genuine. It was very much "This sucks and I want to beat it but if I can't, what an awesome life I've had". How can you not dig a guy like that? It's a shame he passed away when so many other deserve to die. Of course, he'd hate to hear me say that.

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