Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So Disney is going to pony up 4 billion dollars to buy Marvel Entertainment? I'd like to say that it's a great move and we as comic book fans will reap the benefits of this new merger but I just don't believe that. I might be able to see some good in this if Disney was buying DC or even Image Comics but Marvel is way too eager to roll over and do parlor tricks for anybody with a buck and that worries me. From their crappy merchandise tie-ins (has anybody seen the Marvel Seelys Mattress comic book?)to their shoddy way of redirecting the focus of their Universe whenever a new movie is opening Marvel has long since made the transformation from comic book publisher to dancing bear.

With Disney now holding the reigns it wouldn't surprise me if Marvel just rolled over and allowed their stomachs to be scratched by the big bosses. Marvel wants to make money and they'll bastardize anything in their roster to do it. They completely retooled their Universe to center around Iron Man right before the movie hit, they slapped Spider-Man around with Brand New Day, they gave Wolverine a son and all of his memories back, and currently they're dragging out this Dark Reign series in hopes of shilling more books. Any company that is so dedicated to the bottom line will be easy to control once they have serious corporate backing.

Marvel Editor Joe Quesada claims that the relationship between Marvel and Disney will be much the same as the one shared by Pixar and Disney. While it's true that Marvel comes to the table with a proven track record the way Pixar did I just don't see Quesada fighting for their freedom the way Steve Jobs fought for Pixar. Truth be told most companies don't act that way once the big guns step in. MTV was a mecca of artistic ideas and creativity until they were bought up by Viacom and then, well I think we can all see what's happened there. I'm more apt to see Quesada agree to Disney demands and then ry and put the "It's an exciting time" spin on it he does with everything.

I don't think the effects will be immediate or incredibly extreme e.g. Mickey Mouse becoming the new Spider-Man or Marvel Team Up featuring Daredevil and Goofy. If anything I think it'll be Marvel turning their focus more away from comic books and more into movies and TV. I have this feeling they'll continue to go with the cheap and easy moves for the Marvel Universe (e.g. Captain American Reborn) to turn the kinds of profits Disney wants as well as scaling back on some of the sex and violence. The big movies will get bigger and I expect to see many more so-so movies specifically for the DVD market. In one positive note maybe we'll get more animated movies, that would kick ass. Whatever does happen I think the purchase will allow Marvel to live up it's post Marvel Comics moniker:

Marvel Entertainment

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