Friday, September 25, 2009


So one of the few movies I'm actually excited about this year is Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are. I grew up with that book, my dad made me the Max costume as a kid and I'm wicked protective of it. When I heard it was being done as a movie I cringed like most folks of my generation. However reading up on the production, watching interviews and seeing the trailer I feel really good about the movie. Jonze launched a blog awhile back called WE LOVE YOU SO all about the production of the movie and other cool tidbits. I came across two things on it today that got me so excited I had to post them here.

First up is a documentary premiering on HBO on October 14h all about Wild Things author Maurice Sendak. Here's the release on it:

A Tribute To Maurice Sendak

In 1963, with just 10 short sentences, a dark and dreamy emotional landscape of hairy monsters and tropical jungles, and one wannabe feral child, Maurice Sendak created one of the most critically acclaimed and popular childrens’ books of all time– “Where the Wild Things Are”. In this loving tribute to everyone’s first favorite author, the Cinefamily will show original animated adaptations (on 16mm!) of “Where the Wild Things Are” and “In the Night Kitchen”, along with new short films made by Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze while the new live action adaptation of “Wild Things…” was in production. Jonze had been friends with Maurice Sendak for more than five years before he began working on his feature film, and these new short films capture a sometimes melancholy but always wickedly funny Sendak as he reflects on his Depression-era childhood in the Brooklyn shtetl, a joyous day at the World’s Fair, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, his books “In The Night Kitchen” and “Higgledy Piggledy Pop!”, his two beloved Hermans (Melville, and his German shepherd namesake), and a long-buried secret.

As for right now the only theatrical release is a one shot screening in Los Angeles but hopefully it'll either get wide release or come out on DVD soon.

Secondly the blog is having a photoshop contest for people to submit cool ideas for the movie or movie posters or what have you. The contest ends Friday so head on over there if you want to be involved. I picked some of the best submissions so far:

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