Thursday, September 3, 2009


With all the hoopla around Disney's 4 billion dollar buyout of Marvel Comics I never figured the first real problems would come from DC Comics but I suppose looking at it the whole thing makes sense. With Marvel getting itself backed by the Deep Disney Pockets the ability to make money for the publishing group has skyrocketed. Movies, TV, Merchandise, hey maybe even COMIC BOOKS will all get a piece of the prize. The other part of that is now Marvel is in the limelight less than a year before Iron Man 2 hits the big screen. Almost to the day that the announcement hit Marvel started talking about rebooting Fantastic Four as well as putting Spider-Man 4 on the fast track.

Meanwhile over at the DC Offices they've suddenly been forced to stand in Marvel's shadow, something DC fucking hates. While it's true DC has and probably always will have a superior comic book universe they aren't doing well on the movie front. Sure the Dark Knight was a huge hit but Superman Returns failed horribly and now DC and Warner Brothers have to fast track another movie before the rites return to the Siegal Family.

On top of that DC keeps having these false starts whether it's the doomed JLA movie, the already shaky Green Lantern movie (with the horrible casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan) as well as the unknown element of Chris Nolan doing a third Batman film. Fearing people will forget DC or at least not see them as just as filled with movie contenders DC has rushed these press releases about upcoming films involving the characters of Deadman and Lobo.

The problem here is that neither of these characters has been able to really support their own book much less a movie. Deadman is a cool character but a whole movie about a guy who floats in and out of people? I don't see that wrestling money out of the hands of the Avengers film do you? Even securing hack director Guy Ritchie to film Lobo is just silly. First of all I predict that Sherlock Holmes will be a huge flop. Robert Downey JR looks more like Prince and acts more like John McClain than Sherlock Holmes plus nothing Ritchie's ever done has excelled at the box office.

Secondly Lobo started out at as parody character and has pretty much remained one. True the upcoming comic run penned by Anthrax's Scott Ian might be cool but a whole fucking movie? Not to mention the plot of Lobo coming to earth and teaming up with a teenage girl sucks right out of the gate. Lobo doesn't learn about friendship from rambunctious teens, he shoots you then lets you watch him fuck your girlfriend as you die. Lobo is a vile character with no redeeming values so either you have a hero nobody roots for or a watered down version that sucks.

DC needs to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!! I know the Marvel/Disney thing is scary but try and remember that whenever Marvel gets in bed with another company they usually fuck it up. Stop trying to reclaim the limelight and just allow Marvel to be the quarterback for awhile. All the stuff going on in DC Comics is beating the shit out of Marvel's work and the movies will come if you let them. You force anything trying to wrangle the attention away from Marvel and you'll blow it.

So please DC, do what you do best and let Marvel mortgage their soul to the House That The Mouse Built. Right now you look like that kid in school who tries too hard to impress everybody and instead embarrasses themselves. Drop this Lobo and Deadman bullshit and focus on making a kick ass Green Lantern movie, figuring out how to make a new Superman and even figure out how you'll keep Batman alive if Nolan decides to balk.

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