Thursday, September 3, 2009



In reality the death of Courtney Love is backed by so many reasons it's really hard to organize them all. First up she's a cunt, like a full on face bashing shitheel who rose to power claiming to be an outsider and marrying the spokesman for forgotten youth and then spending all his money getting nipped and tucked to the point that her and the Cat Lady should wrestle in used tampons mixed with saline solution and silicone for the world championship heavyweight belt of being Truly Fucked Up Looking. Then there's the fact that she'd rather drink and drug herself into a coma than take care of her daughter, who she doesn't mind pimping for photo ops.

Moving on there's her unabashed mouth raping of the music world with all those goddamn Hole albums. I hate to ruin the party for gay men and ugly chicks everywhere but Hole suck large portions of steaming ass. Not one single Hole song is good and most of that shit was written by other people. I mean when you're album creates a vortex of suck so complete you make Kurt Cobain songs sound shitty you're like a freak of nature.

Then there's her acting, which makes me sick and of course all the shit she put Kris Novoselic and Dave Grohl through having to do with Nirvana. Granted before she had him murdered....sorry, cough cough....before he committed suicide, Cobain gave her controlling rights to the name and legacy but she's still to blame for most of it. As of this day September 3rd even this cunting moist open pussing sore of a human being has hit a new low. View the image of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero Rock Band Jammy Jam Session Woohoo Good Time Game 5--or whatever the fuck you call it.

It's not just that Cobain's image is in this game but that he's rapping, singing Bon Jovi and all this other stuff that goes against everything he was. God I fucking hate Courtney Love and if she doesn't die because her fake lips and boobs burst and poison her maybe she'll get hit by a car or die in bizarre piano-hits-street accident. Hell fuck I'd even be willing to whip out the Ouija Board and see if we couldn't call upon Mr. Cobain to go all Freddy Krueger on her fucking ass.


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