Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm not afraid to throw down the Gauntlet, I was a big D&D guy back in the day. I sat around a crowded table with my friends, I designed characters at lunch while the other kids talked about the big dance, I even used to have a 10 sided dice wallet chain because that's how I ROLL!!

Now I can sit on the porch with my Batman afghan over my legs in a rocking chair painted to look like Conan's throne and grow old sipping on the old days. Jonas Sodas have unlocked the greatness of the D&D soda in these awesome and necessary flavors.

• Potion of Healing
• Sneak Attack
• Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer
• Dwarven Draught
• Eldritch Blast
• Illithid Brain Juice

If you want to buy a 6 pack or case (which I already have) then go to JONAS SODAS right now!! You also get a Drow Assassin figurine while supplies last!!

I would give this a GOOD

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