Monday, September 14, 2009


If you read the Twilight series of books and enjoy them, no matter what your age or sex, you are a sixteen year old girl. I keep hearing that New Moon will be more plot driven then Twilight which when you think about it is tantamount to saying one coloring book will have more complicated pictures than the another coloring book.

From what I can tell the Lestat loving Vampire Cops are pissed with main hot Vampire Guy because he's riding with a human so he leaves. Kristin Stewart lays in the leaves and then starts doing motorcycle stunts and cliff diving in order to see an image of Main Hot Vampire Guy which apparently only appears when she's hopped up on adrenaline.

So then she's in love with the 80s hair metal ultra buff werewolf guy but leaves to stop Main Hot Vampire Guy from stepping into the sunlight. There's a chick with a scarf, the incredibly gay werewolves come and all dress the same then Main Hot Vampire Guy gets choke slammed.

What's even better is this tip I got that if you play the Baywatch theme it sinks up to the New Moon trailer awesomely. Turn the volume off on the New Moon trailer then hit start. Right after that hit start on the Baywatch trailer and watch the magic.

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