Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Marvel Comics has become for me like the crazy ex-girlfriend you just can't get ride of. You try and try to separate yourself from her but the bitch entices you right back just to fail you once again. I used to be a huge Marvel fan when I was a kid. After Batman and Green Lantern the first hero I followed with any fervor was Wolverine. I loved Spider-Man, Alpha flight, X-Men all of it. Then slowly over time Marvel jus kept shitting the bed.

The first time I tried to leave Marvel was when they cloned Spider-Man, which was the fucking lamest thing ever. I came back a little while later but left again when Spider-Man became part of the Spider Lineage instead of just a nerd who got bit by a spider. Then I returned and was so let down by how long Civil War took to come out and the fucking bullshit "Oh gosh I was wrong" ending via Captain America I split once more. I came back a bit later and tried to stay but now, once again I'm leaving Marvel Comics and focusing on DC and indie stuff. Want to know why? OK let's chat.

First of all I'm tired of Marvel treating Spider-Man like the redheaded stepchild. Whenever they want to do something stupid they do it through Spidey e.g. Clone, Lineage, One More Day, etc. Spider-Man is now just a punchline, a hollow memory of his formers self.

Marvel has also forgotten how to write Wolverine. They spread him so thin in so many comics that he became watered down and post Wolverine the movie now he's supposed to be almost cuddly and yet crazy. Giving Logan back his memories was a fucking dumb idea, it zapped all the mystery right out of him. Instead of this dark enigma who appeared in a few books outside of the X-men he's become the Jonah Hill of comics. Every time you turn around there he is, it's annoying now. Mark Millar's Old Man Logan was the only thing in the last 10 years that's really captured the essence of what the character once was.

Marvel is also way to fucking busy doing event comics to make anything any good. House Of M, Civil War, Messiah Complex, World War Hulk (which was actually good), Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, it never ends. Most of them end of going on to long and only serving to lead into the next big even series. Dark Reign, the most recent one, is possibly one of the most pointless event series ever. It has gone NOWHERE!!!

They had some cool ideas with Skaar Son Of Hulk but ruined that quickly by bringing him to Earth. Jeph Loeb managed to destroy the great run Hulk had with bad writing and introducing the Red Hulk who just sucks. X-Men is still too convoluted to be enjoyable, the list goes fucking on and on.

Thor has dragged on with him sullen over being kicked out of Asgard, not to mention Thor is about the thunder god battling monsters and aliens and that kind of thing. For the last two years it's been about him in this Midwestern town and as with most Marvel stories it's gone nowhere.

Oh did I mention they stripped Dr. Strange of the Sorcerer Supreme title and gave it to a guy named Captain Voodoo who looks like a WWE Wrestler. I was also in hysterics over how they brought back Captain America. He was shot with a "Time Bullet" which sent him into a time void....RIGHT....GOTCHA.....FUCK YOU.

Now with Marvel being bought by Disney it's just going to get worse. Marvel will have to deliver the bucks to their corporate parents and that means more kitsch and less good, solid comic book work. So I'm out of the Marvel camp, I think for good this time.

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