Monday, July 27, 2009


1. Apparently in the final season of Smallville Clark will sport a superhero suit that is black and Matrix-ish and also has a silver "S" on the front.

OK this is fucking lame and even though I'm driven to watch season 9 because I've watched the other 8 seasons this comes close to making me turn it off. Smallville has really lost steam in the last few years because it keeps screwing up what made the show so great. It was a simple show about young clark and now that's nearly 30 it's a little much. This supersuit is gonna super suck.

2. Apparently the next waste-of-life-and-money season of Heroes will feature a Carnival of people who have powers all traveling around.

Well fucking cunt shit christ isn't that AWESOME!! Let's not spend the money to continue doing Carnivale (one of the greatest series ever) let's instead ass fuck the concept and shit it out all over Heroes which sucks so bad it makes the fans vomit.

I'm going to Comic Con next year with a fucking baseball bat and a whole lot of bail money.

I hate everything

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